You will find us in Argireika, which is a settlement of Vyzitsa in the municipality of Milies, Pelion. Access to Andromachi is via the road that links Vyzitsa to Kala Nera. The house is 2.5km from Kala Nera and 5 km from Vyzitsa. There are many roads that connect Andromachi with Pinakates, Milies and the rest of Pelion. Access to the beaches on both the Pagasitikos and the Aegean sides of the peninsula is straightforward. We offer private parking.

How to come

By car

From the city of Volos, follow the road to Agria, then continue through Kato Lehonia to Ano Lehonia.

At Ano Lehonia, there are two options:

  • Follow the coast road to Malaki, Gatzea, and Kala Nera. There, after the first entrance to Kala Nera, you’ll find the crossroads to Argireika.
  • Leave the coast road and follow the road to Agios Vlassios, Agios Georgios, Pinakates and Vyzitsa. There you’ll find the crossroads to Argireika. This is a longer route but more scenic.


By train

The train network to Volos.

Οργανισμός Σιδηροδρόμων Ελλάδας (ΟΣΕ)

Intercity buses

The country network to Volos. Correspondences to Vyzitsa and Kala Nera.

ΚΤΕΛ Βόλου


  • Aghialos (charter flights)
  • Thessaloniki (210km from Volos)
  • Athens (325km from Volos)
  • Skiathos (charter flights)

    Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Νέας Αγχιάλου-Βόλος