The area

Old stone-built houses, mill buildings, school, cafe, scattered among the olive groves, still retain the color of the old times in Pelion, when the train carried people,goods and products from the villages of Pelion in the city and harbor Volos.


Another real jewel of Pelion, Vyzitsa is full of renovated mansions, the so called “pyrgospita”, and has a large network of well-maintained cobbled paths all around the village. Today Vyzitsa is a living museum of traditional Pelion architecture and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pelion.

The old mansions reflects the past, the years of prosperity and economic growth, a time dominated by agriculture, home handicrafts and the silk industry, when silk was transported from the area to the far edges of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.


Milies is 28 km away from Volos, the capital of Magnessia, and is one of the better-known villages of Pelion, which is also the centre of the municipality. It is the homeland of Anthimos Gazis, Grigoris Konstantas and Daniel Filippidis, and is a place steeped in tradition, with a history of trading, art and culture, heavily influenced by a multitude of influences, including the far east, the cosmopolitan west and Egypt. So, Milies is truly worthy of its description as the ‘jewel’ of Pelion. Located at a height of 350 metres, within rich greenery and fresh flowing waters, and with a view across the Pagasitikos Gulf, visitors find themselves, not surprisingly, delighted by Milies.

You may well be tempted to explore the local forests, where you’ll find beech, oak and horse chestnut trees; and the cultivated gardens, with their variety of trees, including almond, peach, pear, plum, cherry, orange, lemon and olive, are a further attraction in Milies.

Milies is the biggest village of the municipality. You’ll find many restaurants, cafes, bars and other shops. There is also a community clinic (open twice a week) and the Town Hall.

Don’t miss the Public Library, the Folklore Museum, the Taxiarhes church and of course the train station. ‘Moutzouris’, the famous train of Pelion and a great technological achievement of the early 20th century, is still in operation today, offering an exciting and unforgettable way to travel around some of the villages of Pelion.

Kala Nera

Kala Nera is 19 km from Volos. It is a quiet, seaside village which during the summer comes to life. The place is full of restaurants, cafes, bars and other shops. There is also a community clinic (open twice a week). Public transport is frequent. The Kala Nera beach is a Blue Flag beach and is one of the most beautiful of the Pagasitikos Gulf. Ideal for all ages, Kala Nera not surprisingly attracts many visitors.

Bicycles, bikes and cars are available for rental.

For those who really love the sea, cruises to the Pagasitikos and North Sporades are available.

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