Argireika – Kala Nera

This is an easy, descending walk, using the old cobbled path through the olive trees. You will see the old school, the cafe and the church. The walk ends at Kala Nera just opposite the ‘Tsitsilaneio’ Hospital.

Argireika – Vyzitsa

This is an ascending walk, using cobbled paths and dirt roads. It starts by going through the olive groves and continues through dense undergrowth until it reaches the waterfall. From there, the growth is luxuriant. The walk ends at the church of ‘Zoodochos Pigi’ in Vyzitsa.

Argireika – Milies

This is an easy walk following the track of the famous train of Pelion, a great technological achievement of the early 20th century. The train route was designed and constructed by Evaristo de Chirico, father of the famous surrealistic painter Giorgio de Chirico. The route offers splendid views across the Pagasitikos Gulf, Mount Pelion and Milies. The tracks end at the station in Milies, a beautiful location with fresh running water and tall plane trees. You can take the cobbled path from there to the village square of Milies.

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Argireika – Oglas – Agia Triada – Ano Lehonia

This is another easy walk, following the train track, this time towards Ano Lehonia, where the train route currently terminates. The walk passes through the stations of Oglas, Pinakates, Agia Triada (where there is a large monastery) and also the marvellous, arched stone bridges constructed by Evaristo de Chirico. Along the way, you can admire the splendid view across the Pagasitikos Gulf and the coastal villages. The route ends in Ano Lehonia.